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The Magic Triangle


The importance of teaching multi-dog homes the "magic triangle" for learning and calm behavior. Also, some leash walking.

Calming Chin Rest


Our puppies are learning to rest the weight of their head in their owner's hands. This is an especially good exercise for calming an over excited or anxious puppy. Plus, they think it is fun.

School for Puppies


This was a special class we held for a litter of puppies who had been through Puppy Primer. It was so fun to see all of the litter mates together and what great progress they had made in their training. If you can't tell from all the cheering, we are a super supportive class!

Crate Training Exercises


It is so important for your puppy or dog to be comfortable in their crate and to know that it is a safe place for them. Here is a great series of exercises to make sure your dog loves their house. 

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