Private Training Services

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Phone and Zoom/Facetime Consultations:

We can meet online and help you with anything your dog needs to be successful with, in your home. We can work on basic training skills, or problem solving. Our phone and virtual consultations are $30 for 15 mins. We generally start out with one hour meetings for a consult, but quick questions can be 15-30 mins. Follow ups after a consult can be 15 mins to 60 mins depending on what we are working on.

Please fill out a contact form or email to set up a Zoom consult.


Basic Training Lessons

Basic training lesson sign up

Basic training private lessons are helpful if you have a schedule which does not allow you to get to group classes, if your dog is very distracted around other dogs or if you simply prefer one on one training. They can be at your home or in a "real life" situation such as a park. 

Basic training may include:

Leash walking, sit, stay, down, go to your mat, recall, pay attention cues


Children and family dog basic training


House training


New Dog Visit for basic training


New Puppy Visit for basic training


Mild reactivity on leash to dogs (severe reactivity requires a behavior consult) This would include dogs who are over interested in other dogs on leash and pulling towards them. Please contact us if you are not sure:


1 1/4 hour initial consultation $110 Cheery Dogs associate trainers work with you on basic training.

All training with Jane Marshall is $135.00 for the initial visit. Please contact to discuss.

Initial consult includes a 15 minute get to know you session at the beginning of the consult.


single lesson follow ups $100 an hour. 

You may also purchase follow ups or packages of three ($255) or four lessons ($340) after your initial consult. 

Multiple dogs in the same home who need training together the rate is $135.00. If you have multiple dogs but we are only doing basic training with one of them the rate is $110.00.


Behavior Consult 

In this visit we will assess your dog’s behaviors and make a plan for training


Behavior consults are for:

Cat and dog relationships

New baby and dog

Fearfulness and generalised anxiety

Aggression to dogs (including leash aggression)

Separation anxiety

In home dog fighting

Resource guarding

Multiple dogs together basic or problem training

New dog problem solving visit

New puppy problem solving visit

Aggression towards people


You will learn how to manage your dog while we work on training him/her with force free scientific methods.



$135.00 - $150.00 for initial 1 1/4 to 1/1/2 hour consultation (aggression to people is $150.00 for the initial consultation)

Jane Marshall and Cheery Dogs associate trainers will work with you on problem solving

$110 single lesson follow ups


We also offer packages of three lessons ($300) which are renewable after your initial consult. 

To request your behavior consult please fill in our contact form: 


You will be sent a behavior form to fill in and a link to pay for your consult.

Please tell us if you are not sure which service your dog is eligible for and we can give you guidance.

Travel fees: may apply for some areas outside the Carrboro/Chapel Hill and Durham area. Please email for more information.


Cancellation policy: all cancelled lessons incur a $25 handling fee.



We also do Group Classes. For more information: