Puppy Resources


Socialisation ideas during a pandemic!


Helping Your Puppy Function in the World

Handling exercises for your puppy

House training for your puppy by Instinct Dog Training.


Check the dog resources too for articles that may help you.

  • Here is a gift to all puppy guardians by Emily Larlham of Kikopup. A 3 hour video on everything your puppy needs to know. Emily is one of the best trainers in the US. Enjoy!


  • New Puppy or Thinking About a New Puppy?


Download these free booklets by Dr. Ian Dunbar. A real gift to all new puppy owners (and those about to be). You can find more information from Dr. Ian Dunbar at Dog Star Daily.



  • An article by Jane Marshall on how to set up an environment for very young puppies in their new homes (6 to 12 weeks of age).


  • Were you thinking about adopting two puppies at the same time or even litter mates? Here is a something to think about - don't do it! An article by Jeff Stallings on TheBark.com.


Exercise recommendations for puppies:



  • Socialization:



  • An article on what not to do when socialising your puppy or dog


Introducing your new puppy to your resident dog:



Puppy mouthing:




  • Exercises (video) for puppy mouthing by trainer Sarah Owings



Introducing a Kong toy to a puppy:


  • A video on introducing a Kong toy to a puppy or inexperienced dog by Eileen Anderson.



Annoying puppy habits:


  • A video for how to teach an active puppy to settle on a mat by Sarah Owings.


  • A video on how to put your shoes on with puppy nearby (a surprisingly challenging activity) by Sarah Owings.


  • Jumping up! A video from Kikopup and another video from Domesticated Manners.


  • Is your puppy snatching items and running away? Here's an article about preventing Guarding by Jane Marshall


Kids and Puppies: 



  • The Family Dog a web site full of information and videos for parents and kids


  • Stop the 77 A video encouraging better handling of dogs by kids


Puppy Books:




  • Social Civil and Savvy by Laura VanArendonk CPDT-KA. A great book on socialisation

  • Control Unleashed, the Puppy Program by Leslie McDevitt

  • Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Handling by Deborah Jones



Crate Training:


  • A video demonstrating crate training exercises


  • This article is being updated. Please check back soon.


House Training


  • An article on not reading too much into house training accidents. Puppies make mistakes!

Calming Chin Rest:


  • One of the things we love teaching puppies is nice handling and calm behavior with the chin rest. Here is a video of a puppy class doing the chin rest!




Hand Targetting:


Teach your puppy to target your hand by Victoria Stilwell