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Puppy Resources



General articles on puppy raising:

  • A 3 hour video on everything your puppy needs to know. This is a gift to all puppy guardians by Emily Larlham of Kikopup. Emily is one of the best trainers in the US. Enjoy!


  • An article by Jane Marshall on how to set up an environment for very young puppies in their new homes (6 to 12 weeks of age).


  • Were you thinking about adopting two puppies at the same time or even litter mates? Here is a something to think about - don't do it! An article by Jeff Stallings on


Exercise recommendations for puppies:



  • Socialization:



  • An article on what not to do when socialising your puppy or dog


Introducing your new puppy to your resident dog:



Puppy mouthing:




  • Exercises (video) for puppy mouthing by trainer Sarah Owings



Introducing a Kong toy to a puppy:


  • A video on introducing a Kong toy to a puppy or inexperienced dog by Eileen Anderson.



Annoying puppy habits:


  • A video for how to teach an active puppy to settle on a mat by Sarah Owings.


  • A video on how to put your shoes on with puppy nearby (a surprisingly challenging activity) by Sarah Owings.


  • Jumping up! A video from Kikopup and another video from Domesticated Manners.


  • Is your puppy snatching items and running away? Here's an article about preventing Guarding by Jane Marshall


Kids and Puppies: 



  • The Family Dog a web site full of information and videos for parents and kids


  • Stop the 77 A video encouraging better handling of dogs by kids


Puppy Books:




  • Social Civil and Savvy by Laura VanArendonk CPDT-KA. A great book on socialisation

  • Control Unleashed, the Puppy Program by Leslie McDevitt

  • Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress-Free Handling by Deborah Jones

  • Dogwise a website with every puppy and dog book plus DVD's, you could ever want!



Crate Training:


  • A video demonstrating crate training exercises

House Training


  • An article on not reading too much into house training accidents. Puppies make mistakes!

Calming Chin Rest:


  • One of the things we love teaching puppies is nice handling and calm behavior with the chin rest. Here is a video of a puppy class doing the chin rest!




Hand Targeting:


Teach your puppy to target your hand by Victoria Stilwell






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