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Dog Resources



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Training Help


Voluntary Attention



Leash Walking:



Crate Training:



Counter Surfing:



Jumping Up:


  • A video by Domesticated Manners


Indoor Tethering:


  • Another great article about how to do it.


Coming when Called:


  • A wonderful video by the DogsTrust on Recall


  • An excellent article on off leash recall work by The Positive Gun Dog Trainer


The importance of sniff walks for dogs:


 A vet recommended article on enrichment walks

Help for Chasing Squirrels: 



Mat Work:


  • Here is a video of a dog being shown how to go to the mat and lie down.


  • This video shows how quickly to reward on the mat.


Nail Trimming: 


  • An article by the fabulous Patricia McConnell


Games to Play:






Short training videos by The Dogs Trust:





  • A wonderful video by Domesticated Manners on a way to teach a drop cue. 

 Co-operative Care and husbandry: 

  • One of the things we love teaching dogs is nice handling and calm behavior with the chin rest. We teach dogs to rest the weight of their head in our hand in stages. Here is a video of a puppy class doing the chin rest!

  • Using the chin rest for teeth cleaning by trainer Donna Hill



When Too Much Exercise is a Bad Thing:






Behavior Information


Separation Anxiety


  • An online course by Malena DeMartini-Price to resolve separation anxiety. This is an affordable course full of information and routines for you. You also have access to Malena herself, a world expert on this problem.



  • A wonderful Facebook group with help for dogs with separation anxiety

  • Local (Raleigh) separation anxiety specialist: Stacey Carson Bell at Focused Fun

Reactive dogs: (dogs who bark and lunge on leash and off)


Please remember reactive dogs are fearful dogs too, so check out the Fearful Dogs resources too.


  • CARE for reactive dogs


  • BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training) for reactive dogs



  • Look At That: helping your reactive dog deal with things in the environment


This is an exercise from Leslie McDevitt's book "Control Unleashed." It is a great exercise to teach your dog to look at his "triggers" (things that may bother him in the environment) and still be able to function.


 Video 1  Pipo working on Look at That with deer nearby.


 Video 2  Pipo working on the same exercise in a harder situation.




Fearful Dogs:


  • Helping a fearful dog feel safe by Eileen Anderson. Following the links in the article, and at the bottom, will give you lots of information about helping fearful dogs.






Socializing an adult dog:


  • An article on what not to do, followed by good advice on alternatives to help your dog be successful


 Introducing your new puppy to your dog:




Help for Thunder Storm Phobia:




Dogs Body Language


Dog-Dog Interactions:

  • A wonderful video by Bad Rap on dog to dog sociability (it applies to all dogs not just pit bulls)


  •  A video of "The Magic Triangle" to reduce competitiveness in multiple dogs


  • An article by Laura Brody about whether domestic dogs are losing the ability to get along. 


  • This video by Donna Hill shows dog play techniques and dog body language.


  • This video by Donna Hill shows how to stop over aroused play in dogs by teaching a "cut off" signal. This is an essential exercise for all dogs who live or play together


  • This article by Leah Roberts talks about the actual games dogs play among themselves


  • This article by Barbara Smuts and Camille Ward, PhD goes into whether the rough play your dog is doing is appropriate. 


  • This article by Turid Rugaas explains how dogs communicate with each other and us using subtle body language and calming signals.


  • An excellent article on dog sociability. Mature dogs have a range of social interactions that are normal and that includes only liking your friend group.



  • When your dog plays too rough: an article by Kristi Benson




Dog Parks: 

  • Why we don't recommend that you go to the dog park. An article by By Peter Goldenthal, Ph.D. ABPP

  • A video by Sue Sternberg about how important participation is at the dog park.








Helping a Dog with Car Sickness:


  • Step by step instructions for helping your dog learn to like the car. 



Older Dogs and Dementia:


  • A wonderful site about caring for your older dog who is living with dementia. This site is also by Eileen Anderson of Eileenanddogs. 



Kids and Dogs: please check out the fearful dogs section above too





  • Stop the 77 A video teaching kids to be safe by better dog handling. The first video is for parents, but there are other wonderful videos on this site aimed at kids

  • An excellent article on the 5 steps to living with babies and dogs (includes toddlers)

  • A cute video for kids encouraging them to keep their face out of dogs faces: How to Kiss a Dog



 Pack Leader Myths:


  • A fantastic blog post by Eileenanddogs about why you don't need to be the pack leader.


  • An article debunking "leader of the pack" myths

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