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Registering for Group Classes

 PLEASE  NOTE: CHEERY DOGS HAS NO CLASSES IN 2024. Please email us for other group class recommendations. 

LOCATION: Our classes are taught indoors at Extraordinary Ventures: 200 South Elliott Road in Chapel Hill. 


Clicking on the button below will take you to the class registration page. That page will contain information regarding class descriptions, class prices, and how to set up and register for a class. 


PLEASE NOTE - Our group classes are not appropriate for reactive dogs. If your dog barks, lunges, growls, or snaps at other dogs on leash, please contact us to set up a pre-class evaluation to determine the right course of training for your dog!



One-on-One training packages!  Everything you would get in a group class but set at times and a place that suit you, plus your own personal trainer!


We are offering Puppy Plus and K9 Manners as a 5 weekly lesson course ($300.00) and Out On the Town as 4 weekly one-on-one sessions ($240) with one of our trainers. You choose a park or neighborhood location that suits you and your trainer, and times that fit your busy schedule. These are excellent classes for dogs who are anxious around other dogs or people who have difficult work schedules. Or maybe you just want to have your own personal trainer at an affordable price.


These classes follow a set curriculum with homeworks sent to you each week.  Discounts are given if you want to ask a friend to join you and share these sessions. Please note these packages are not for dogs with serious behavior problems or aggression issues towards people or other dogs (although dogs with slight reactivity to other dogs can join) 


Click on Class Info above and then packages at top of page


Please note: not all classes below are available all the time. Please check the calendar

Below is a flow chart to help you find the class that will fit your dog or puppy best! Also, please take a look over the extra information/FAQ page for questions you may have about the classes. The registration page has more detailed information about each class, including class descriptions, prices and account set up/registration. Check the CALENDAR for start dates of all classes.

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