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We adopted Pip from a local rescue organization when he was only a couple of months old. He was a very shy puppy, but soon warmed up to us. The rest of the world, however, scared him. We enrolled in Puppy Primer and heeded the gentle guidance of Jane and her team: be patient, and work diligently with him. I must confess there were times when it was really difficult to heed their advice—when he was afraid of visitors, when the sound of a carbonated soda being opened frightened him—but Jane’s positive tone kept us on track. He’s transforming into a lovely, smart, and well-behaved member of the family. “It’s like a different dog,” we said recently as he happily trotted alongside us on a local trail. He’s also learned to be well-behaved during a bath (see photo) and a nail trim. Positive reinforcement, remembering that “dogs don’t speak English”, and patience are key tenets of Cheery Dogs’ program and we’re so grateful to have learned them.


Memsy and Pip


I wanted to tell you both that we have never had such excellent dog trainers before.  It has been so great to have such guidance and support.  I have had a number of dogs through the years, and gone through a zillion dog classes with them and have never learned as much as I have with you.  Thank you!


We have had so much fun with Gravel due to all the good stuff he has learned.  We were able to go to the Green Park Inn in Blowing Rock NC which is dog-friendly. We all had a great time and used a lot of "look at that!".  Gravel did not jump on anyone and did wonderful.  Also we had our first Starbucks trip and he did great!  Still working on it but really appreciate all the teaching you have done!


Leslie and Gravel

I adopted a little Yorkie, Rocky, from the Durham Shelter a year and a half ago.  After a few weeks, I wasn’t sure I had made the right decision because of some behavioral concerns.  Jane Marshall was referred to me and after working with her for just a couple of sessions, life in my household changed to the better.  He has turned out to be the best little guy, and speaking for my dachshund, Middi, we can’t imagine not having him as part of our home.  Here’s my advice—listen to her and do exactly what she tells you to do!  You won’t regret it.


Marge with Rocky and Midi

Thank you again for coming to meet Oscar and work with us.  It was a transformative day for our canine family.  I am deeply grateful for your time and efforts.      Karen and Oscar

My Dear Jane,


I love love love working with you. You contribute so much to the quality of my life by contributing to Lilly's needs to learn and play and think. Really excited about " go round "" fun fun. You are brilliant in your field and just flat out fun to work with🎉🎉🐕🐕❤️   Sue and Lily


I was referred to Jane Marshall by a local business owner.  I started attending Cheery Dog’s new puppy training with my Golden Retriever Shana. 


When Shana was about 8 months old she started having some resource guarding issues and was going after my 2 other dogs.  Having attended several of Jane’s classes I spoke with her about my problem.  She came to my house to observe the interaction between my dogs and made many recommendations. 


By working with Shana based on Jane’s recommendations and attending additional training has allowed us to now have 3 happy dogs.  She truly is a “Dog Whisperer”.


Debbie and Shana, Brownie and Hooter

Shana at the age she came to puppy class

Shana all grown up with her doggie family!


You have been such a gift to me and Billy.  I have learned so much.  Just this past Saturday there was a dog much like Ernie who has trouble meeting people and I used all your training to take a non-threatening posture and let her greet me when she was ready.  It worked great.


When you first met Ernie, he was not able to stay at home by himself for even 30 minutes.  He was dangerous to walk on a leash - twirling and leaping and barking every time he saw a squirrel, cat or another dog from a distance.  


Now Ernie stays at home anywhere from 4 to 6 hours without a problem. If it is only 4 hours, he greet us calmly at the door.  If it is only 1-2 hours he doesn't even get up to see us sometimes.  


Ernie can now sit and stay for 20 - 30 minutes at the farm, not tethered, watching me feed the ferals (with them swirling around me) from about 40' away!  He is very close to being perfect on the leash - still has about 30% more to go when passing other dogs on a walk - but so much better!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


Ernie is also doing better with meeting people and gaining confidence and trust with others. We are so grateful for your mentoring and getting Ernie, Billy and I to a place where we felt like we could make Ernie a permanent member of our family.  


I really want to stress here that so much of what you do is get the humans skilled and able to help their dogs along with teaching them to understand what their dogs are telling them all the time with their body language.  Your classes are invaluable!


Toni and Billy with Ernie

When we first adopted our two dogs Gracie and Sadie (littermate/sisters) from a rescue group, they were sweet but completely out-of-control. They were wild, and when we would walk them, we would practically go airborne! And when we walked out of their view they would wimper and cry. And feeding them in the same room brought its own snappy problems. We just didn't see how we would be able to keep them, given how much they were disrupting our lives. It was chaos in our house! Nothing was getting better, so we didn't see any light at the end of the tunnel. 


We heard about Jane, who came over to our house like Mary Poppins with a bag full of treats and all the other resources she would need to help us all live together.She gave us hope immediately that our dogs could learn to fit into our lives and that we could have a lot of fun with them. 


From the very first session, Jane solved the feeding problems, and helped us learn how to teach them to walk nicely on leash, sit, and stay. They responded so well to her and made such amazing progress!


Then, as they mastered everyday life, Jane guided us toward other things we could teach them that would be fun. For example, both dogs now play a child-size piano, and can push the Staples "easy button" when they want treats.


She brought over a tunnel, a hoop and some hurdles and we found that they love to do agility and we get a lot of exercise too! They have turned out to be amazing dogs-- sweet, sensitive and obedient.


We would never have had such wonderful experiences with them (and probably would have returned them to the rescue) if Jane hadn't helped us. I'd recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who either needs as much help as we did, or just wants to learn new ways to enjoy their dogs!  


Diane and Doug and Gracie and Sadie



Jane and Susan,


I just want to tell you how much I truly enjoy your puppy classes.  Even with such a big group of puppies, you are able to address each puppy's individual needs.  You do such a great job creating appropriate play groups and monitoring their play. 


Thank you so much for helping Jerry have a positive experience today.  I especially appreciated Susan allowing Jerry to explore on his own after the other puppies had played, and Jane's guidance in not pushing him too hard on his first day in class. 


Jerry was an unplanned addition to our family, and although I love him dearly, I know some aspects of his training are going to be a challenge.  I am grateful to have your help!


Thank you!!    Ann Christmas


             Ben and Jerry as puppies

                    Ben and Jerry all grown up

My Mia was perfect, due to your assistance 13 years ago.    

Michelle and Mia



Thank you, Jane. You are such a fantastic resource to us and to so many others. My husband just said, "Isn't it wonderful to have someone like Jane for this kind of advice." 


Carolyn and Rory

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with Jane Marshall with my dogs both of who are rescues.  One of my dogs has completed her K9 manners and obedience classes as a puppy and she is marvelous with the dogs and the people. 


She has especially helped me with my one dog who is very fearful and environmentally sensitive and insecure.   Her work with me and this dog has literally made it possible for me to have kept this sweet but insecure girl.  I don’t know what I would have done otherwise and I still call on her when faced with a challenging behavior. 


One of the things I most admire is that she is always positive with the dogs.   The positive training helps even the most fearful dogs become more secure and happy.  


We are so lucky to have her as a trainer!


Mary, Temple and Juno

Dear Jane,


Ross was walking Gracie and Remy this morning while I was here at work.  A man who lives in the neighboring subdivision stopped his car, and got out.  He wanted to tell Ross that he sees us with our dogs all the time, and he wanted to compliment us on what well behaved dogs we have! 


He asked if we had taken them to obedience training, and of course, Ross said SEVERAL classes!  He just wanted to stop and tell him how nice our dogs behaved, and that he really appreciates good dog owners like us taking time to care for their dogs.

Wasn't that nice?!  It's thanks to you!!!


Debbie, Roos, Remy and Gracie



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