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You have been such a gift to me and Billy.  I have learned so much.  Just this past Saturday there was a dog much like Ernie who has trouble meeting people and I used all your training to take a non-threatening posture and let her greet me when she was ready.  It worked great.
When you first met Ernie, he was not able to stay at home by himself for even 30 minutes.  He was dangerous to walk on a leash - twirling and leaping and barking every time he saw a squirrel, cat or another dog from a distance.  
Now Ernie stays at home anywhere from 4 to 6 hours without a problem. If it is only 4 hours, he greet us calmly at the door.  If it is only 1-2 hours he doesn't even get up to see us sometimes.  
Ernie can now sit and stay for 20 - 30 minutes at the farm, not tethered, watching me feed the ferals (with them swirling around me) from about 40' away!  He is very close to being perfect on the leash - still has about 30% more to go when passing other dogs on a walk - but so much better!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Ernie is also doing better with meeting people and gaining confidence and trust with others. We are so grateful for your mentoring and getting Ernie, Billy and I to a place where we felt like we could make Ernie a permanent member of our family.  
I really want to stress here that so much of what you do is get the humans skilled and able to help their dogs along with teaching them to understand what their dogs are telling them all the time with their body language.  Your classes are invaluable!
Toni and Billy with Ernie
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