Training Options for August 2020


For our virtual training we use Zoom or Facetime. We send you a link ahead of time so you can prepare for your training.

One on One Virtual Consults

You will meet with your instructor online to work on whatever your dogs needs are. This can be basic training or problem solving. Initially we meet in hourly sessions but your instructor can discuss package options and shorter "check in" meetings with you depending on what you are working on.

Basic training can be house training, house manners, leash walking, or any obedience exercises you and your instructor plan together to help you reach your goals.

Problem solving can include in home dog fighting, cat and dog introductions, leash reactivity, barking or any other behaviors you need to help your dog with.

All consults are $100 an hour with $25 per 15 mins for longer sessions or shorter check ins.


Marsha coaches a student online!

Virtual Group Classes

We have virtual puppy and virtual dog classes. You and your puppy or dog are placed in a small group (3-4 students) and you will work with them as your instructor coaches you. Meetings take place once a week for 4 weeks.

You will be given resources and a workbook to help with training.

You can send one video a week into your instructor if you are struggling or just want some feedback.


For virtual puppy training the curriculum includes sit, down pay attention, come when called and down on your mat. You will work on good handling techniques for vet and groomers visits and socialisation will be discussed and encouraged. All your puppy questions will be answered.

For virtual dog training the curriculum will include sit, pay attention, down on your mat, come when called, stay, and leash walking. Any questions you have about your dog will be answered.

Four one hour meetings $100.00 Sign up on the calendar.

In Person Private lessons

Meet with your instructor outside your home (or an outdoor location) and you will work with us with social distancing. We will wear a mask and request you do too. We will coach you from a safe distance of 6 feet. We can work on any training you and your dog would benefit from. This includes basic training through problem solving.

Initial consult $110, with $100 an hour follow ups.

Packages are available for follow ups.

Please fill out a contact form and we will get back to you to discuss a plan for your training.

In Person One on One Packages

Everything you would get in a group class but set at times and a place that suit you, plus your own personal trainer!


We are offering Puppy Plus and K9 Manners as 5 weekly one-on-one sessions with one of our trainers. You choose a park or neighborhood location that suits you and your trainer and times that fit your busy schedule. This is an excellent class for dogs who are anxious around other dogs or people who have difficult work schedules. Or maybe you just want to have your own personal trainer at an affordable price. These classes follow the curriculum of either our Puppy Plus or K9 Manners classes.


Discounts are given if you want to get a group of friends together for these sessions. Please note these are basic skills lessons and not for dogs with behavior problems or aggression issues towards people or other dogs. 

Five 30 minute sessions for $200.


"I'm happy with social distancing because I still get treats" 


Learn how to make a home obstacle course for your puppy.